These are the agreements that we ask our volunteers, interns, and work-studies to make. They are published here for transparency.

I give my permission for the Family Support Center of South Sound (FSCSS) to conduct a search of my background to determine my qualifications for interning/volunteering.

I understand:

I consent to the following searches:


Basic to the maintenance of the professional ethics and community respect is the principle of confidentiality. Every employee, contracted professional, and volunteer of FSCSS has a high ethical responsibility to the families, the programs, the community, and to themselves. Families and individuals act in good faith, expecting their circumstances and personal matters to remain confidential. We are obligated by law and ethics to reciprocate.

The records that are kept on clients should be used only for the program purposes and not for general perusal. Other agencies’ operations requesting records of a given family member or persons should first obtain releases of information from the family member of individual. In no case should the records be automatically sent to another person or agency without first receiving a release specific to the information in question.

Remember that persons always have immediate access to their data on file. Keep all information to facts and not speculation.

The only exception to this ruling is mandated report of abuse & neglect to childern and vulnerable adults as described an in accordance with Washington State laws and regulations.

The following is presented to provide some guidelines concerning matters of confidentiality and the rights of the persons who participate in our programs:

I understand and agree to the above policy and statement. I am aware that any breach of confidentiality is grounds for dismissal.

I agree to maintain client confidentiality at all times. All information, written or spoken, that I come into contact with while performing my volunteer duties is considered confidential and will not be released unless specified by law.

Role Acknowledgement

Mandated Reporter Acknowledgement

I understand the requirements of Washington State Mandated Reporting. I agree to report any suspected child abuse and/or neglect to DSHS and to the Family Support Center management as soon as I learn, suspect, or observe abuse/neglect.

I understand that failure to make a report within 48 hours may result in my termination as a volunteer and may also result in legal action from the State of Washington. I vow to do everything I can to prevent child abuse and neglect and to keep kids safe.

  1. This and the following bullets are modified for unpaid interns and paid work-studies.