Meal Sharing at Shelter

created: 2017-10-17; tagged: activities

Today I spoke with Gabbi Korrow. After boiling about 8 packets of top ramen for the kids, we brainstormed a process for future meal sharing. Here are the highlights.

We have a budget for volunteer food. Let’s focus: not just corn syrup solids and enriched flour. As well, Thurston County Foodbank distributes MWF from 10am–3pm. Can we receive food on behalf of others? Maybe, but the requirements to begin with are pretty lax.

There are no income guidelines to access regular services at the food bank and it is free of charge. If possible, please bring picture I.D. and a current piece of mail…. Our basic service is a week’s worth of food for each family.

Sound’s like plenty for a weekly meal at shelter.

We need to account for dishes. Dishes daunt over volunteers and residents for meal sharing. Let’s plan for 100 disposable bowls for every 90 days?

I also would like about 1 week’s notice to organize the meal as a night activity. Perhaps we can ask the greeters to start soup? Then to eat at 7pm?

Gabbi asked to share the recipes beforehand.