Monthly Updates

created: 2017-12-05; modified: 2017-01-04; status: log; tagged: statistics

How many volunteers helped last month? What sort of work did volunteers do? This page logs volunteer service at shelter and significant events. Since some volunteers take shifts in multiple positions, the monthly totals do not sum exactly.

December 2017

Assignment Hours Volunteers
Special Events 100 25
Daytime 81 10
Greeter 178 29
Overnight Host 615 17
Total 974 65

We recognize Angela Polson as volunteer of the month for her help calling families to remind them of their portrait appointments, as well as her commitment to daytime shifts at shelter.

November 2017

We hosted reading hour, a STEM science project, 2 workshops on the prevention of child sexual abuse. We also opened for our Cold Weather Shelter season.

Assignment Hours Volunteers
Daytime 113 12
Greeter 151 24
Overnight Host 601 19
Total 865 47

We recognize Jaycie Osterberg as volunteer of the month. Jaycie consistently volunteers for greeter shifts. Jaycie has a wealth of experience supporting clients in the community and promoting mental health.

October 2017

We hosted 5 events (going to see Cat in the Hat, fall crafts, a reading hour with the librarian, and a workshop for volunteers).

Assignment Hours Number of Volunteers
Daytime 120.00 15
Greeter 170.25 25
Overnight Host 757.00 21
Total 1047 51

We recognize Deborah Bordelon as volunteer of the month. In addition to taking greeter shifts throughout the year, Deborah is a donor and often brings rain gear to families at shelter.

September 2017

We recognize Karen Reynolds as volunteer of the month. Karen worked backup for staff throughout the summer; after connecting to us through Goodwill’s Senior Community Service and Employment Program, Karen has been hired as a Head Start Teacher.