Outline of volunteer responsibilities

created: 2017-09-29; modified: 2018-01-04; status: notes; tagged: orientation

Here’s an outline of volunteer responsibilities for shelter. Notice especially that visiting hours are from 9am–5pm Mon–Fri.



Talk about protocol. I feel like it changes a lot.

I think [the families at PBP] need to be respectful of the other families that live at PBP and the volunteers that want to support them… they may need to work hard on not swearing or yelling or degrading their own children.

discuss consistency, for instance, the use of computer; set a time limit and stick to it. it doesn’t matter if child is the only one in the common area. if kids begin to bang on the keyboard, argue or crowd each other; give 1 warning. then unplug it.

Program Overview

Cause prioritization

Reflections? Reaction?