Accidents and Safety

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To comment on safety (volunteers, staff or clients) you may email Moreover, if someone is injured on property, we should give details on the incident and our response by completing an physical injury report.

Phone Numbers

Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect

We can take note of unsafe behavior in the comment section of the volunteer website, but occasionally, we’ll recognize or suspect child abuse or neglect.

One may discuss the situation with Keiya Johnson, Natalie Skovran, or Trish Gregory. See also the Washington State DSHS guidelines.

Anyone witnessing child abuse or neglect needs to report it to Child Protective Services (1-866-END-HARM) within 48 hours of the witnessed event.1 Keep track of the following:

These reports may become legal documents. They are to be held in confidence by the reporter and shared only with supervising Family Support Center staff.

  1. Remember the mandatory reporter presenation? “Recognize, Record, Report.”