Service Tracking

created: 2017-10-24; tagged: statistics

I can vouch for accurate hours beginning 7/1/2016. Why not earlier?

What about prior service hours?

In brief: My predecessor set up Volgistics for manual hour entry. Out of some 150 (more or less) active volunteers, only 15 folks used VicNet to report their hours. In turn, only 10% of our collective effort is recorded in Volgistics.

Not to be discouraged!

The world is watching: one cannot walk through a meadow or forest without a ripple of report spreading out from one’s passage. The thrush darts back, the jay squalls, a beetle scuttles under the grasses, and the signal is passed along. Every creature knows when a hawk is cruising or a human strolling. The information passed through the system is intelligence. (Gary Synder, 1990)

If you need accurate records prior to 7/1/2016, I suggest:

  1. Interpolate from partial information in Volgistics (I could help model your hours per month).
  2. Make a Fermi estimate (i.e., use a series of probable approximations to the truth.)

What changed?

I post hours directly from the schedule (with some auditing in case of no-shows, late arrivals, etc).

The schedule closely relfects our service. Keiya and I keep the schedule meticulously updated. When a volunteer doesn’t show up, we have to find a replacement, and we update the schedule. When a volunteer arrives late, we change the schedule.

Posting hours from the schedule has two benefits.

  1. There’s no need for volunteers to make redundant reports in VicNet.
  2. In about 5 minutes, I can post everyone’s hours from the last 7 days.