Fall 2017 Satisfaction Survey

created: 2017-09-02; tagged: statistics

These are the results of a survey of volunteers at the end of August 2017.


Part I. Satisfaction Index

For each statement, please gauge your level of satisfaction in volunteering with the Family Support Center (where 1 = very dissatisfied; 7 = very satisfied).

Avg Stddev Prompt
5.92 1.44 I experience personal growth as a volunteer.
5.75 1.54 I have autonomy to make decisions during my shift.
5.75 1.48 I have a deep feeling that I am contributing to my community.
5.75 1.66 I feel mutual respect in interactions I have with paid staff.
5.67 1.56 I communicate my needs and expectations with clients and staff.
5.42 1.73 I am fulfilled because I can bring about good changes to clients.
5.42 1.73 I gain satisfaction from relationships I have with my volunteering peers.
4.73 2.05 I derive satisfaction through educational and emotional resources provided by the Family Support Center.

Part II. Why volunteer?

Please gauge each motivation’s importance to you (where 1 = not at all important/accurate and 7 = extremely important/accurate).

Avg Stddev Prompt
5.92 1.51 To express significant values, e.g., altruism, collective responsibility.
5.00 1.65 To gain personal growth and development.
4.92 1.51 To gain new experiences.
4.42 2.07 To exercise unpracticed skills and abilities.
3.50 2.43 To obtain career-related experiences.

We had 11 respondents between 8/29/17 and 9/2/17.